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A Letter From Daisy to Mama
Dated June 1, 2003

Yes, Mama, I knew that Jim was a very special person and has a very good heart and he certainly deserves the best.

I promise to love him and make him happy for the rest of my life. Thank you, for raising him the way that you did. He turned out to be one heck of a guy. LOL.

Love you, Mama.


Mama's Reply
Dated June 2, 2003

Thank you, Daisy.

You are about the best thing that has EVER happened to Jim and therefore to this family. I have always known that Jim was a very special person, and he would find the perfect match somehow in this life, and he definitely HAS in you.

Please know that I gave you the necklace willingly and with a lot of love, and I know that you will care for it accordingly.

You are a wonderful woman.

Love, Mama

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