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You Sexy Thang
The dancing mouse

South Park Pilot Episode
The very first South Park before it was on TV

Harry Potter Spoof
Harry Potter and the gang come back from summer vacation

Magic Pull-Apart Girl
This is just freaky!

Magic Quarter
Actual magic, no other way to exxplain it

Car Ad
Something to soothe your mind

The Paris Hilton
The Paris Hilton Interview from 'Saturday Night Live'

The Proper Use of Caulk
Caulk and How to Use it (Not What You Think)

Schweaty Balls
For Christmas, Nothing Better Than Schweaty Balls

Schweaty Weiner
The Famous Schweaty Weiner

The Fruitcake Lady
Dear Abby was never like this!

Big Deck
Guys sitting around and talking about their big decks

J'en Ai Marre (I'm Fed Up)

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